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Michelle A. Bailey’s Romance Book Fair

I've signed up two of my babies for Michelle A. Bailey's Black Friday Romance book fair! There are over 100+ FREE & DISCOUNTED books to stack your TBR with. Not only that, but there is also a contest! Don't forget to scroll down to the very ... Read the Post...


I've accepted the fact that the NaNoWriMo challenge is just not happening for me this year. Every year since 2015, I've taken part in the National Novel Writing Month Challenge. It's given me the motivation to write new books (Badge Bunny), finish up ... Read the Post...


The day is finally here and I don't feel prepared at all. I've packed up an apartment I've lived in for 11 years, and will leaving a city I've spent more than half my life in. I've officially traded a city of 1 million people for my hometown of about ... Read the Post...