Badge Bunny

Legacy in Blue, Book 1

genre: contemporary romance

Viola King’s birth has never been a day for celebration.

She vows this year will be different.

First up on the list: Lose her virginity before graduation.

She’s always had a thing for guys in uniforms, so she why not go to a bar frequented by cops? She soon meets a man in a uniform guaranteed to give her the one night stand she seeks.

Mike Sinclair is just looking for a badge bunny for his usual night of casual sex. Except, his latest conquest definitely isn’t a bunny at all and is gone before he can explore things further.

Maybe he shouldn’t have given her a fake name.

What about when all her best-laid plans go out the window, and she ends up at his door with nowhere to turn?

What happens when he learns she’s the youngest sister of his best friend and partner?

Loved this story! Interesting characters and relationship interaction. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

– Goodreads Reviewer

Could not put this book down. It was fantastic and I can’t wait for the entire series. Definitely buy it.

– Amazon Reviewer

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