fear the reapers

Renegade Reapers MC, Book 3

genre: motorcycle gang (reverse harem)

Somewhere, somehow I messed up.

I didn’t see the hit coming until it was too late, and now I’ve been separated from my MC and my three guys. I know they’re probably scrambling to get me back. And when they finally do, there’s no way they’ll let me out of their sight again.

Too bad there’s no rest for the wicked.

When all hell breaks loose, the Reapers are forced into a lockdown.

There’s something to be said about close proximity.

We might be stuck in the clubhouse, but there are eyes on everything. Nothing gets past the MC President or my brothers, especially when their baby sister has gained the interest of not one, but three possible suitors.

Hunter is still trying to keep the PDA to a minimum around my brothers.

Dimitri has never been good at what’s going on between us.

And Brax, he’s all in and the Reapers are skeptical.

If we have to leave, we travel in teams. Our team of four is the most unorthodox, but hey, it works for us. There have been some growing pains, but I think I finally might have them trained.

Everyone still think they need to protect me, but what they don’t realize is that I am willing and completely able to eliminate any and all threats that come our way.

No one is going to stand in the way of our HEA.

So if I have to fill a couple body bags to make it happen, then that’s the way it’s going to be.

By the time I’m finished, everyone is going to Fear the Reapers.

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– Some author name.

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– Some author name.

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