Renegade Reapers MC, Books 1-3

genre: motorcycle gang (reverse harem)

Raised by her estranged brother, the President of the Renegade Reapers MC, Harleigh aims to prove herself while striking fear into those who underestimate her as just another biker chick. Her heart has long belonged to Hunter, her brother’s best friend, who avoids her. But when an old flame returns and a new contender emerges, jealousy rears its head.

Can they share her love, or will it tear them apart?

Facing challenges and growing pains, they’ll learn that actions have consequences, and the price may be higher than they ever imagined. Harleigh’s determination knows no bounds; she’ll eliminate any threat to their happiness, even if it means leaving destruction in her wake.

Harleigh will stop at nothing to secure their happily ever after.

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